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Firearms Transfers
Our customers are great people. However, some of the vendors they are choosing to purchase firearms from and have shipped to our store (a service we have no problem doing for our customers) do not like to send firearms via UPS or FedEx.  If we have to leave the store during business hours and pick up packages at the Post Office it will incur an additional $10 charge for our extra efforts to retrieve them.
If you have looked at our inventory and have not found what you want, there is still hope.  We have accounts with most major distributors and have access to most all guns and shooting sport products on the market today.  The challenge is just identifying what you want and then we can see if we can get it for you.  To help with the shopping we are providing some links to vendors that have customer friendly sites.  When you find what you want, collect the SKU or manufacturers part number and this will help us find and procure the product you want.  Remember that each different SKU or Product number represents a different item.  Something has changed causing the change in identification.  If you find something in someone else's store the same is true.  To compare apples to apples we need the SKU or Part number from the Manufacture.  Not all Savage Axis' or Remington 870s (just as an example) are the same.  There are hundreds of changes and numbers out there.
Customer Service
Sharpshooters Style

Here at Sharpshooters the Steinbrecher Team does not compete with other businesses as they are selling different products than we are.  They may look the same but there is a stark difference because everything we sell comes with our style of Customer Service and Support.  

When you buy something from another store they take your money and say "Good Bye" and they don't care if they ever see you again.  if you have a problem with what they sold you, it is your problem.

When you buy something from us and you have a problem with something "We have a Problem too" as we support you in your purchases.  If an item must be sent back to the Gun Manufacturer for services, then we are willing to do that for you in almost all cases, we help you in all cases.  We even help those with problems that they purchased from "The Other Guy".

We want to help you make sure you are making the right purchase even if that means that you really don't want to buy something from us...  We rather you be happy then just spend your money with us.

If saving a buck is your way of doing things then maybe you need to drive around the country side looking for that $1 savings.  But if quality and service is what is going to make you happy, then check the rest and then come and buy from the best!  We believe that will be us of course.
Prices for Services we offer

.                   ……….             Price List     …..        ……….                .

Ammo Transfers                             $15.00/shipment


Shipments & Transfers (internet Purchases, Private Transfers, etc…)

          Long Gun                              $25.00/Shipment

                   Additional Guns            $15.00 Each (Same Shipment)

          Hand Gun                             $25.00/Shipment

                   Additional Guns            $15.00 Each (Same Shipment)



Long Gun Transfer (NICS Check Performed)        $10.00/ 1st Gun

                                                       Additional Guns     $5.00 Each (@ Same Time)



Scope Mount/Bore Sighting

          Purchased Scope or Gun from Sharpshooters (within 30 Days)

                                                                   No Charge 1st time/gun or Scope


          Mount Scope and Bore Sight         $28.00

          Bore Sight only                            $12.00

          Rifle Sight-in         50 Yards = $70.00+Ammo        

                                  100 Yards = $85.00+Ammo


Gun Cleaning

          Normal Average Cleaning                                             $45.00/Each

          Special (Antique, some Semi-Autos, etc…)                     $50-$75/Each

          Deep Sonic Cleaning                                                    $50.00/Each

          Rust removal adds to the cost of cleaning

Labor Charge     Normal  $35.00 - $50.00     

     Machine Shop hours  $65.00 - $100.00


……….             Return Policy      …..        


  • All sales of firearms, loaded ammunition are FINAL.
  • If a defect is discovered by the customer after the sale, the customer should contact us directly as quickly as possible but not more than 15 days after sale of new items, and not more than 10 days after the sale of used items.  We will make every attempt to correct the situation and will deal with manufacturers where we can.
  • If we made a mistake we will work to make it right without additional cost to our Customers, where possible
  • If the customer makes a mistake, there could be additional costs and/or an inability to return the item(s).  A 15% restocking fee may be charged on returned items at the management’s discretion.

  • If anyone attempts to Fix/Repair a Used Firearm, all warrentee on our part are VOID !