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SharpShooters is a Mom and Pop, gun store with personalized service for our customers.  A true "Value Added Re-seller".  We stock 400+ firearms of every make and model that we can get our hands on.  We work hard to stock those items most interesting and desirable to our customers, and our customer base is continually growing.  We have a variety of handguns, long guns (including muzzle loaders) and reloading supplies as well as what many call the BEST ammo inventory in Arizona. 

Many people come to our store to make their final purchase after looking at all that is offered by the big  box stores and are then happy that they have gotten the best deal.  Some of our customers no longer waste any time going any place else and have come to know that they will be treated right and honestly all the time. We have the support of a highly trained gun smith who can do just about anything needed to satisfy your gun repair, restoration, or customizing needs.  And we stand behind all our work...

Disabled, U.S. Navy Veteran Owned and Operated

Family Owned and Operated

The SharpShooter History:

Established sometime in about 1990 in Orwell, NY by Art Drake. The Store was run out of the back of the Drake home and underwent several changes and expansions over the years. 

The complete business, and the business name (SharpShooters) were purchased by Skip & Cathy Steinbrecher in January of 2014.  They operated the store in Orwell for about 6 weeks before moving it; locks, stocks, and barrels, (puns intended) to its next location in Pulaski, New York.  

Skip & Cathy had already been setting up "Mission Accomplished Equipment" as a new Gun Store in the area so the two names were both used in the business through the first cycle of Licensing.  As time went on, the Mission Accomplished Equipment was dropped in favor of the shorter, better known name of "SharpShooters".  But the old name hangs on in some older documentation.

In 2019, due to a desire to be closer to their children, Skip and Cathy decided to sell the house and business and relocate to Snowflake, AZ and open up a new shop. They were unsuccessful in finding a buyer to take over the business, and so in November of 2019 they packed up the shop and moved everything across the country.

In December they found and began signing a contract to rent out their new location in the Silvercreek Plaza (638 North Main Street, Suite B, Taylor, AZ). After countless hours of setting up the new security system, building a new front counter and handgun display case from scratch, and entering all the new inventory into their new point of sale system Skip and Cathy re-openned for business on January 31, 2020. 

The new location gives Skip and Cathy the benefit of living closer to two out of their four children, and presents the opportunity for the other two to come closer. Chris and Sarah Daley (daughter and son-inlaw) have joined the SharpShooters team. Chris is learning how to run the front end, and Sarah has taken on the position of PR Manager. John and Arthur (The eldest and youngest sons) will be frequent visitors but will work primarily in their perspective fields. Ken Steinbrecher will join the team summer of 2020 has a gun smith and refurbishing specialist.

We specialize in Guns & Ammunition sales and have an inventory to support the desires of our customers in the areas of Shooting (Target, Competition, Hunting, and Personal Defense) as well as Reloading of Ammunition for personal use.

We sell new and used firearms of every shape and size including Handguns of all kinds, Rifles, Shotguns, and Muzzle loaders.  We take trades of guns and also purchase used guns of all kinds if we can come to a mutually agreeable price with the current owners of those weapons.  

We also sell Scopes, slings, cleaning supplies and other accessories to make your shooting Sports more enjoyable and rewarding. We do not not extend our inventory into clothing and such as our space is full of the shooting supplies more desired.

We are recognized as a dealer of: Henry Firearms, Nikon Scopes, GLOCK, Savage, Remington, CVA, Anderson and Winchester to mention just a few.  We are associated with a large number of National firearms distributors and are able to access most anything available on the market.  There are only a couple brands that are difficult, but we can often get our hands on those too, for our customers.

We welcome special orders and provide Gun Transfer services to support private sales as well as internet sales of Guns and Ammunition and charge the lowest fees in the area for these services. We also ship firearms out to other parts of the Country for our Customers.

Our Gun Smithing and Gun Cleaning services are top notch and we consider no job impossible...  We like a challenge and if you can afford it, we can get it to happen.  (Keeping in mind that some things are just too far gone or not worth the repairs they need.)

One of our original signs. That phone number is no longer ours. Please don't call it looking for us. Thanks!
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