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Your missing out if you have not been to our new location yet...  Guns, Ammo, Scopes, Reloading Gunsmithing, Kydex Holsters, Cerakoting and our Laser Range are all 100% back in service.  We are working on our Training program as well...

Vets get a 10% discount on all gunsmith work as long as they let use know (remind us) they are Vets...

The next "Concealed Weapons Permit Class"  will be the 13th of July 2024 from 9:00 until 1:00 (our goal is to target the 3rd Saturday of each Month, but there will be exceptions.)

Ladies Night for July will be the 11th  5:00 - 7:00 PM! (our goal is to target the 2nd Thursday of each Month, but there will be exceptions.)


See our Definition of CUSTOMER SERVICE on our Shopping & Service page!
We are located at:
1362 East Snowflake BLVD
Snowflake, AZ   85937

Phone:  (928) 536-3555

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Our New Customer Rewards Program is moving forward.  Our new updated "Point of Sale" software is in place and and we are working to get things running better all the time.  We need you to remind us you are part of the Rewards Membership Program.  This will help us get your information updated and make things run smoother...  We will ask for your Drivers Lic. to update our information on you, but as always, we protect your info and never share with ANYONE else.  Just one of those things needed because of technology advancements.
While we have been a Henry Dealer for years, we We have now qualified as "GOLD" Dealer!

We have started our second calendar year in our new location in Snowflake, AZ.  1362 East Snowflake Blvd, Snowflake, AZ  85937 (Just 1.2 Miles from the light on Main Street in Snowflake

We Love all our new customers and those that have allowed us to serve them.  Especially to those that shared the word with all their friends and family.  We continue to see lots of support from the community and we are looking forward to providing top notch service to all our new friends in this community....

SharpShooters is a home town, Mom and Pop, gun store with personalized service to our customers.  A true "Value Added Reseller".  We try to stock about 400 firearms of every make and model we can get our hands on (and can afford).  We try to stock those items most interesting and desirable to our customers and our customer base is continually growing.  We have a good variety of handguns, long guns (including muzzle loaders) and reloading supplies as well as what many call the BEST ammo inventory.

Many people come to our store to make their final purchase after looking at all that is offered by the big box stores and discount stores and are then happy that they have gotten the best deal.  Some of our customers no longer waste any time going any place else and have come to know that they will be treated right and honestly all the time.  We may not have the purchasing power of the big stores, but we also don't have their overhead or "take a number" attitude.  We have the support of 2 highly trained in-house gun smiths who can do just about anything needed to satisfy your gun repair, restoration, or customizing needs.  And we stand behind all our work...

Disabled, U.S. Navy Veteran,
& US Air Force Veteran, Owned and Operated
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