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We have moved from the old site to this new site that will be much more tailored to the needs of our customers and promises to keep the overhead down which helps us keep the costs down on all the items we sell.  Pardon the delay as we get this going.  We hope to be up and running again on the web soon.  The Store continues to run as normal and we look forward to seeing you in the Store


1164 County Route 28

Pulaski, NY 13142

1 mile west of Route 81 exit 35 (Tinker Tavern Road)


Tuesday:     Noon - 6PM

Wednesday: Noon - 6PM

Thursday:    Noon - 6 PM

Friday:         Noon - 6 PM

Saturday       9AM - 2 PM

Closed: Sunday and Monday


(315) 298-5202

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Inventory Updated Monday 9/21/2019
** Special Pricing ** For a limited time...  Sharpshooters will pay the Sales Tax on All Used Guns That's 8% off,  for each Used Firearm Today, Saturday the 21st may be the last day for this bargain.

Check out the other Special Sale items in the inventory.  
New Document at the bottom of the list!

We are OPEN our hours are still:
Tue - Fri From 12:00 - 6:00 PM
Saturday From 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Sunday and Monday closed except for appointments.

No major repair work will be accepted from now until the status of the store is resolved and the new Owner is in place and responsible.  Cleaning and minor problems will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

While the Store is on the market, our FIRST commitment is to our Customers and we will work to keep everything as normal as we can.  But even if we don't find anyone, we will remain open until at least the 26th of October.  We hope the Store never closes! But ...... we can only do so much !

Hope to have more word this week on the final status of Selling the Store!

  See the Location and Hours page for Business details.

Did you know we also provide Gun Storage!  If your heading away from home for the winter or an extended vacation and don't feel comfortable leaving Handguns behind we can store them while your gone.  We also help in the event of the death of a handgun owner.  We can store their guns while the family works through other important things and figures out what is gong to happen to them.  We also can do all the paperwork to move your handguns around the state or around the country.

SharpShooters is a home town, Mom and Pop, gun store with personalized service to our customers.  A true "Value Added Reseller".  We stock about 400 firearms of every make and model we can get our hands on (and can afford).  We try to stock those items most interesting and desirable to our customers and our customer base is continually growing.  We have a good variety of Handguns, Long guns (including Muzzle Loaders) and reloading supplies as well as what many call the BEST ammo inventory in New York State. 

Many people come to our store to make their final purchase after looking at all that is offered by the Big Dollar Box stores and are then happy that they have gotten the best deal.  Some of our customers no longer waste any time going any place else and have come to know that they will be treated right and honestly all the time.  We may not have the purchasing power of the Big Stores, but we also don't have their overhead or "Take a Number" attitude.  We have the support of a highly trained Gun Smith who can do just about anything needed to satisfy your gun repair, restoration, or customizing needs.  And we stand behind all our work...

Disabled, U.S. Navy Veteran Owned and Operated
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